I thrive in learning new concepts, solving difficult problems, and creating a positive social impact.

Some time ago I went to UC Berkeley and studied social inequality. Then I ran an embroidery and screen printing small business for 5 years. Now I create with code. I’m looking for the next opportunity to bring these experiences together.

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Coco The College Counselor

A personal college counselor web application that keeps students on track and parents informed. Receive text notifications and tips about upcoming SAT dates and chat in a bilingual chat room.

Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Materialize, PostgreSQL, Google Maps API, Twilio API, Active Cable, Heroku, Git

First-Timers Only Bot

A bot used to streamline the process of creating very simple contributor-friendly issues. With a simple branch creation, the bot generates a new issue prepopulated with all the information a contributor needs to make their first pull request.

Tech Stack: Node.js, Hapi.js, GitHub Apps and API, Glitch